What’s New In Programming Interviews Exposed, 2nd Edition

By Eric Giguere

Even classics like Programming Interviews Exposed need revision. Here’s a brief list of what’s new in the second edition of PIE:

  • Updated code samples. Code samples in the first edition were mostly in C. The second edition places more emphasis on Java and C#.
  • Corrections. There were a few errors in the first edition that have been corrected in the second edition.
  • Additional interview material. The second edition includes more coverage of important areas like concurrency as well as entirely new topics of discussion.
  • Clarifications to existing problems. Answers to many of the programming problems have been clarified.
  • Inclusive language. While men still dominate, more and more women are finding their way into the field, and the second edition reflects that reality.

Just as important, though, is what hasn’t changed: the comprehensive, let’s-talk-it-through approach to answering the problems that made the first edition so readable and useful is still the same. Grab your copy today!

Programming Interviews Exposed is available from Amazon and other bookstores.

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